We are dedicated to providing the most advanced and pro consumer foreclosure fighting tools available to homeowners.

Why Xpress is so effective, often with the homeowner they get stonewalled at the first level, and sadly the first tier in Loss Mitigation is really a glorified collections department. They are paid hourly employee’s who have very little if not zero motivation to go the extra mile and help you get some needed comfort and relief while resolving your problem

We work with various law firms and with hundreds of homeowners, that a lot of mortgage problems can be resolved by simply examining the borrowers’ current loan for legal violations.

What was once used only as ammunition for a law suit is now a very effective tool in obtaining a loan modification with.  There are millions of mortgages made over the last few years and no one EVER thought there would be companies that are 100% dedicated to service a very specialized and imperative in identifying if a borrower is a victim of predatory lending.

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We review all loan documents and perform a thorough investigation for miscalculations and to determine if the loan terms are accurate, truthful, and meet the requirements of the applicable federal statutes.

Our #1 goal is to determine whether there were violations of federal law. If these violations are found, then the borrower may be eligible for complete relief of the predatory loan. This is known as a loan rescission. Meaning the lender takes back the "predatory loan" and awards or credits back to the borrower all interest made on payments thus far, loan origination fees, all applicable lenders fees, penalties and attorney's fees.

NOW available in all states!
This can be done by means of a loan modification or a new affordable loan. This allows the borrower to get a new loan with a smaller principle, meaning that the mortgage can be affordable and non-predatory

Under the Homeowner Stability Initiative, Treasury will spend up to $75 billion dollars to make mortgage payments affordable and sustainable for middle income American families that are at risk of foreclosure.

Borrowers who are delinquent on the mortgage for their primary residence and borrowers who, due to a loss of income or increase in expenses, are struggling to keep their payments current may be eligible for a loan modification. It also includes refinance opportunities for borrowers who are current on their mortgage payments but have been unable to refinance because their homes have decreased in value.
Under the Obama Plan, borrowers who are current on their mortgage but have been unable to refinance because their house has decreased in value, may now have the opportunity to refinance into a 30 year, fixed rate loan. Through the program, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will allow the refinance of mortgage loans that they hold in their portfolios or that they guarantee in their own mortgage-backed securities. Lenders will be able to begin accepting refinance applications on March 4, 2009. To determine if your loan is owned or has been securitized by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac and is eligible for this refinance, you should contact us at 800-959-5785.